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call_me_lovey's Journal

oh there is beauty, and surely there is pain

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I love listening to music. I can listen to anything, but if I had a favourite I’d have to pick Steeleye Span, due to hearing them when I was growing up. I'm completely in love with Maddy Prior. (I'm not joking.)

I've done various art courses at college & write fantasy which I dream of having published. I spend half my life in said fantasy world.
I am the clumsiest woman in the world, & am disabled in such a way that independent living would be very silly at this stage of my life.

Due to my parents getting to be unable to look after me, when I found a care home without nursing, I moved in straight away. I thought it would be more likely to concentrate on the type of care I need, which is physical.

If I can I would like to go to various faerie events, learn to make – or at least design – my own jewellery/clothing. , because it's stupidly expensive to buy. I'd also like to leave said home, not because it's awful – far from it.

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